Started up in the 1950s as the brainchild of Pietro Comero, Caffè Comero is a traditional family-run coffee shop.

In the 1980s, first Gaudenzio, and then Rita enter the business and carry on the activity in the spirit of the company founder. Here the cult and culture of espresso coffee traditional-style is an inheritance which has always inspired company philosophy.

Caffè Comero produces a wide range of mixtures, paying particular attention particular care to bars, hotels and restaurants, a highly selective and demanding market.


In more than 50 years of passion for coffee and continuous attention to quality, Caffè Comero has received substantial recognition:

Piedmont Award for Traditional Excellence:
In 2004, Caffè Comero was awarded the prestigious "Eccellenza Artigiana"


Licence as Coffee Taster:
Awarded by the Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffè (National Institute of Coffee Tasters), Bologna, July 2005